Factors to consider when you are playing your first game

Jan 29

Factors to consider when you are playing your first game

You have been playing disc golf for a while, and you are now deciding to take your game to the next level by playing in a tournament. However, what started as a leisurely hobby for your friends just became a little more serious and disc golfing rules are you aware about them? What should you expect in your first ever disc golf tournament?

Be Prepared for a Slower Pace

Some tournaments may move at a slower pace than you are used to. Thus, you should prepare for a possibly long day. Dress comfortably and drink proper fluids. If the weather calls for high temperatures, wear light-coloured, loose-fitting clothes, along with a hat. Also, you may want to consider carrying a lawn chair around the course.

Know the Rule Book

When you casually play disc golf with friends, you might set your own rules, and possibly make things a little more lenient. With a tournament, remember that officials are going by Professional Disc Golf Association (PDGA) rules and regulations. You will want to keep that set of disc golfing rules in mind. Also, make sure you have the proper disc golf supplies. To avoid any discrepancies with judges, be sure to read the rules, and review anything that you might alter when you are playing with your friends.

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Know the Course

If you are competing on a new course for the first time, know its layout and surroundings. Be aware of any obstacles like trees or water, or the legal boundaries used during the game. You may even want to visit beforehand just to see how each hole is set up. Walking around the course is also a good way to look out any uneven territory, and prevent any injuries.

Be Courteous Toward Others

In a game of disc golfcommon courtesy is widely used. On the course, pedestrians have the right of way, whether they are playing or not. Show proper courtesy to them and other disc golfers. In addition, show courtesy to the course, and be sure not to litter. Violating courtesy rules can result in a penalty stroke or disqualification.


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